Catch Report 3/28/14


Fish: Indo-Pacific Tarpon (Buwan-buwan)

Location: Gothong Pier

Bait: shrimp and baitfish

Anglers: L.R. and co.

Time: Evening



Catch Report 3/24/14


Fish:  Barracuda

Bait:  Fly (self made clouser)

Location: Porter Wild

Time:   Late afternoon

Angler: Ben

Note:  There were other fish caught this day there at Porter wild.  Another barracuda, a 500g grouper. There were lots of other fish caught  in their catch and release pond.

Catch Report 3/8/14

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Silver Moonies caught on Shell island

Fish:  Silver Moonies

Bait:  Shrimp

Location:  Shell Island facing Mactan Channel

Angler: Ben

Time:  Sunrise

These little guys were all around the pier on the island. Slow morning overall besides two of these guys.

Note:  Recommended setup for these guys is ultralight with as small hooks as possible and as light line as possible.  They prefer almost krill like shrimp as bait however will take other baits occasionally.


Catch Report 3/3/14

mactan fishing

Silver Moonies and Small Snapper Frenzy

Fish:  Silver Moonies

Bait:  Shrimp?

Location:  Mactan Island coast facing Hilutungan Channel

Angler: L.R.

Time:  Night

Note:  Moonies have small mouths and require small hooks.  The swim in schools and so when they re biting can be caught in numbers like this.  They are a great tasting fish comparable to Mackerel (Tanigue) and Trevally (mahinlo).