Fishing Charters

FishRmen Charters  –  09272232063

We offer fishing charters around Cebu City in the Hilutangan Channel and Magellan’s Bay

Boat:  We use a large island hopping boat for our trips which has a padded deck and seats, a canopy top, and room for as many as 15 people.

Techniques:  We generally fish three different ways on our trips; Bottom fishing along the reefs (with small hooks for mainly smaller fish), Deep Dropping (bottom fishing in 70 – 150 meters of water for what lurkes below), and trolling.  These are the three ways we are most prepared to help guests with.  We can also accommodate some other techniques such as spearfishing, jigging, etc. provided we coordinate about it in advance.

Lunch:  We can provide an optional BBQ lunch for an additional 350php per person.

Cost:  Our trips cost 8,500.00 php and up depending on the number of people and other inclusions.

Pick-up:  We can provide a pick-up and drop off for guests for an additional cost.

Other Activities:  We can also provide snorkeling gear, spearguns, and scuba dive gear for additional cost.

Below are photos from some our trips:

catch report cebu

Bigeye off Mactan

fishing charter cebu

Sanny’s Emperor


Jojo’s Emperor

1620604_605961126141296_1975036784_n 20140205_135007 537329_632125883506212_1715477217_n 1479263_646009172117883_141403399_n 1483237_646008985451235_967872005_n 1511192_664345723617561_1396295323_n 1476537_651303591588441_1205144827_n 1470421_637638506288283_684655486_n 1392647_637108489674618_1595467592_n 1465186_632125636839570_779127947_n 1451507_632125703506230_1485031911_n 1391541_632125900172877_316909159_n


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