Guide Services

Need a fishing guide to show you around Cebu?  Sport Fishing Cebu offers guide services for a variety of fresh and saltwater fishing around the island of Cebu.  We operate mainly around Cebu City however we do organize Fishing Trips to other destinations around the island.   Please see the list below which includes a short description of each of the options available:


Usmad River – Be guided up the pristine waters of the Argao River on this all day trip.  Located roughly two hours south of Cebu City this river holds both brackish water and freshwater species such as Grunters, Bream, Snapper, Catfish, Snakeheads and more.  This is ideal for both fly fishing as well as light spinning or casting outfits. Trip includes comfortable transportation to and from the river, lunch, and guide service.



Kawasan River and Falls – Be guided to one of Cebu’s well known natural beauties.  The Kawasan river is a crystal clear mountain fed river that is home to a variety of fish species including  the rare Pigek or Tapiroid Grunter.  This is an excellent fly fishing or ultra light fishing destination.  An added bonus is the beautiful Kawasan Falls up stream.


Malubog Lake – This is one of the few lake destinations of in Cebu known mainly for it Striped Snakeheads.  It is a couple hour drive from the city and requires a full day.

Banakon Mangrove Forest – This is a large man made mangrove forest located in between Cebu and Bohol.  Enjoy a day on the water and fish around and in the beautiful mangrove trees. This is a destination for kayak fishing

Cebu City Shore Fishing Spots – For those wanting to stay around Cebu City there are a number of sites that we can guide you too.

Mactan Coastal Fishing – Experience the angling like a local while fishing from small outrigger pump boats around Mactan.


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